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Twitter As News Supply   Twitter News Twitter Chat Follow Us On Twitter Discover Celebrities On Twitter. Dataminr in 2010 tracked the Boston Marathon the City of Boston, flagged a shakeup at BlackBerry for traders moments prior to the genuine news and started telling the story of a train derailment in Lynchburg, Va. 46 moments […]

How to name your business Facebook page

Creating a name and a category for your business seems easy.  However many companies have failed at this and their business does not achieve their marketing expectations as a result. One of the common causes is because the name was not reflecting the real origin of the brand and product.   As a review, before […]

How To Exponentially Grow Your Social Media Following

Are you trying to increase the amount of followers that you have on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms? It could be that you simply want to connect with more people than you have in years, making new friends, or perhaps you have something that you would like to sell. More people than ever […]