How to name your business Facebook page

Creating a name and a category for your business seems easy.  However many companies have failed at this and their business does not achieve their marketing expectations as a result. One of the common causes is because the name was not reflecting the real origin of the brand and product.


As a review, before we share tips on how to name your page on Facebook, we highly recommend you make a check list by visiting This can help your business to ensure that the name and category that you have selected are the correct one.

Giving your business Facebook page a strategic name is extremely important. According to this published blog;  your page name can act as an advertisement for you as you “walk around” Facebook.  An opinion that many would perhaps agree with? Gina Carr, the writer also goes on to point out that the longer your page name is, the better.  This makes sense when considering the volume of search possibilities and the likelihood of being found. Facebook allows up to 75 characters and making full use of them will result in more cyber visits.

Although it was a few years ago, Forbes wrote a really interesting article commenting on the important of a business Facebook name:  They went on to say that some marketing experts believe capturing your Facebook page name (along with your Twitter URL) is proving almost as important as capturing your Internet domain name (See “The Facebook Opportunity” and “ How Facebook Changes Marketing and Sales“) for a more detailed analysis of this.  What is perhaps most striking is the inevitable significance and damage that may occur by not securing a relevant name for your business page.  It requires careful attention and is not something to skip over lightly with arrogance.

I’ll leave you with a final thought on this; visitors that are searching for your company on Facebook are likely to use the “” URL as a starting point, so it’s most essential that your username matches your company name as closely as possible. The URL also acts as a mini-advertisement to the friends of Facebook users if they see related content in feeds.  Choosing an appropriate URL is about exposing users to your company name even if the users don’t click through to the page.

That’s a closing consideration to definitely keep in mind before cementing your username in the universe of Facebook.









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