How To Exponentially Grow Your Social Media Following

Are you trying to increase the amount of followers that you have on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms? It could be that you simply want to connect with more people than you have in years, making new friends, or perhaps you have something that you would like to sell. More people than ever before are realizing the power of social media and the viral nature of how making a post that people want to share can lead to free advertising, and increase sales. Here are the top three ways that you can exponentially grow your social media following using these simple tips.


Create Meaningful Posts

Whether you are doing a status update on Facebook, or posting a tweet on Twitter, whenever you post, it needs to be something that stands out. The ability to post images, videos, and links to other websites allows you to tap into the power of social media by creating a viral post. In most cases, your best bet is to create a video that people can watch and become emotionally charged after watching it, prompting them to click through to your website. You can also use graphical images that you design that are compelling, or simply write a post that is open-ended, making people wonder what is going to happen next. A more meaningful the post is, especially if it is directed at a targeted audience, the more likely you are going to generate sales as a result of advertising efforts and also the viral nature of the post which people will share with their followers on their social media pages.


Purchasing Social Media Traffic

One of the benefits that is provided by Youtube¬†and Facebook is the ability to purchase advertising. Let’s take Facebook for example. You can purchase “likes” to your Fanpage to get people to like you, which means that every time that you make a post, they will see your status update. The more likes that you have, the more likely it is that you will generate sales, or at least more activity, as a result of posting on your Facebook page. Likewise, you can choose the option to boost any post that you have, using the Facebook ads manager, using specific demographics. By investing a small amount of money you can buy youtube views without getting banned¬†and on any of your social media sites, you will increase the probability of generating additional revenues by having more people see the things that you post.

Whether you decide to choose to create viral posts using images, video or simply clever copy that is written to get people to click or share what you have posted, or if you use the built-in advertising networks on social media sites to generate additional traffic, you will start to benefit from the inter connectivity of those that operate on social media platforms, providing you with the ability to have a viral marketing campaign. It’s all possible with social media, and by using these two strategies, you’ll definitely get results.

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